Produced by South Coast Direct. Every possible attempt has been made to ensure at time of going to print that all information is correct. Regular updates are made to the website. South Coast Direct will not be held responsible for any injury, insult or indulgence from visiting our recommended venues. We do accept opinions and suggestions to help us “Relax”…

South Coast Map

  • Iconic South Coast Venues in a compact A2 fold to A5 Map
  • Relax Activity Map is to guide visitors to venues without having to worry – they can relax and easily find their way to places they might not have visited
  • Only activity orientated venues to be showcased: Restaurants, Pubs, Places of Interest, Adventure, Activities, Sports, Craft Shops, Galleries, Golf, Fishing, and more…
  • Iconic activity venues are to be selected from Hibberdene to Port Edward & Oribi Gorge
  • Our vision is to target the 100% Local Venues loved by visitors and trusted by local’s

South Coast Map 2021 RELAX

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