C-Bali South Coast Restaurant is a stylish restaurant located on St. Michael’s Beach. It is a comfortable place with a beautiful beachfront view and fantastic people. The cozy bar is a great spot for cocktails.

C-Bali South Coast Restaurant on the Beach

We offer a wide variety of dishes including authentic Thai dishes. The menu includes our famous Flying Dutchman Potjie, a medley of seafood in a creamy garlic and parsley sauce served in a truly South African way.
We cater for special events, staff parties, birthday parties etc. Enjoy our delicious Bali inspired meals just a few steps from the ocean. The freshest seafood everyday.


  • The meals were delicious and beautifully presented.
  • The vibe of the restaurant is both classy and relaxed.
  • The kids completely finished their meals – owing to the great taste.
  • We consider C-Bali as our entertainment lounge where we can bring family, friends and visitors to an amazing view of the sea, vibey atmosphere, good food and amazing staff.
  • This is our regular spot and visit sometimes more than once a week.

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Opening Hours


0900 - 21:00


0900 - 21:00


0900 - 21:00


0900 - 21:00


0900 - 21:00


0800 - 21:00


0900 - 21:00

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