Mozambik Margate: A destination where no passport is required!

Based on the authentic Mozambique “Barraca” which, in English means “hut”.

In Mozambique – in a home or on the street – eating, drinking and chilling is a way of life that is captured in a “Barraca”. This is Mo-Zam-Bik! Exceptionally flavoured food and a good vibe!

We are passionate about friends and family coming together over exceptional food and a welcoming experience!

The menu caters for all tastes but inspired by the Afro-Porto fusion of Mozambique. Eating and drinking, whether in a home or on the street, is a way of life in Mozambique – this essence of this is captured in, what we call, our Barraca’s. No frills … Some spills … Plenty of laughs and an appreciation for the wisdom of simplicity.

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