Perfect Winter Weather KZN South Coast

Escape the cold, escape the city, escape the crowds and head for the KZN South Coast where we have an endless summer with so much to do and experience!

The South Coast has its own laid-back charm – especially during winter!  The average temperature is between 18 and 25 compared to freezing weather in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Relax South Coast Map
Unspoilt Perfection on the KZN South Coast

The following activities will give you ideas of what you can do here on the KZN South Coast and at the same time enjoy the unspoilt nature and beaches of this beautiful area!


Lake Eland Game Reserve
Pure Venom Reptile Park
Segway Gliding Tour
Selsdon Park Estate – Beach Horse Rides
Wild 5 Adventures – The Ultimate Rush
Xcaped Room
Xtreme Karting
Ziplines @ Lake Eland

About Relax: There is so much to do!